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The Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t exist without its members – individuals who join together to solve common problems or advance programs which make Palmer a better place to live, work and to do business.

Your membership supports the ongoing work of the chamber to promote your business and Palmer through:


-Member spotlights at weekly luncheons
-Display and event exposure


-Business to business networking opportunities
-Improved Internet listing and links to your website
-Weekly e-news announcements
-Connections with tourists & prospective residents

Advocacy on behalf of the business community

-Monitoring of proposed or existing laws, policies and regulations that impact business
-Proactive leadership to advance issues crucial to our community, businesses and economic development

Support from Chamber members also allows the chamber to promote Palmer as a destination through numerous community events.

Joining the GPCC is affordable.  Our rates are:

Simply fill out the membership application and mail to

GPCC, PO Box 45, Palmer, AK 99645

- or -

call us at (907) 745-2880 and we'll be happy to sign you up over the phone!



Not sure if your business organization is receiving all the benefits of Chamber membership?  Take a look at the list below and place a check mark next to the programs and events in which you participate.  You may be surprised at the opportunities you are missing!  Download the checklist here.

Luncheon Benefit Opportunities:

Attend Luncheons: Have you attended a chamber luncheon recently? I know things are busy at the office; however, attending one of the chamber's monthly luncheons could do wonders for your business and for your appetite. This is also a good place to meet and greet your fellow Palmer Chamber Members. Whether you are new to town or have had a business in the area for decades there is always an opportunity to meet someone new.

Business Spotlight:  Showcase your business with the opportunity of a 5 minute "spotlight", Projector available and opportunity to place print material at tables during chamber meetings

Member Announcements:  Each Chamber luncheon offers 10 – 1 minute announcements to let other chamber members know what is happening at your business. Don’t forget to bring brochure or other printed material for the information table

Greeter Opportunities: Greeter Service at Chamber Luncheon offers you the opportunity to meet every chamber member face to face and expands your networking opportunity provided by Chamber

50/50 Volunteer: This is another great way to network and personally interact with all chamber luncheon attendee’s

Weekly Luncheon Door Prizes: Donate door prizes at Chamber events to show off your company’s products and services.

Other Chamber Benefits:

FREE Website & E-News Announcements: At GPCC, advertising your business on our website is always free!  Palmer Chamber also sends out a weekly E-news letter to over 1400 people. Tell the community and its surrounding areas what new and exciting things are happening within your business.     

Host an "After-Hours" Event: What better way to introduce people to your business?  Business after hours events are a great place to meet new people, make new contacts, promote your business, and talk with other business people facing the same challenges as you.

Membership Mailing List: Did you know that as a Chamber of Commerce member you are entitled to receive a list of every chamber member? If you are interested in obtaining a list, contact the chamber staff at 745-2880 and we'll be happy to print one off and have it ready for you to pick up.           

Free Brochure Distribution in Chamber Office: The Chamber office has many visitors throughout the year looking for relocation or visitor information. Make sure your brochure is stocked at the Chamber office located at 550 S. Alaska St.

Gaming Permit: The GPCC owns a gaming permit which can be used for your non-profit group. A letter of intent of use needs to be submitted to the Chamber Board for approval and prior to use. A fee of 10% of the proceeds will be collected for usage. Please contact the chamber for more information.

Committee Volunteerism: Through our committee structure, the Chamber addresses the important issues of public policy, business success and economic .Volunteers make contacts with like-minded business professionals, gain valuable leadership experiences and receive increased visibility for themselves and their organizations. Take a look at the opportunities below and find out how you can get plugged in, today!   

Event Volunteerism: The Greater Palmer Chamber puts on many festivals and events for our community throughout the year. Many volunteers are needed to continue the excellence of these festivals. Contact the Chamber to see how you can join in the fun!


Thinking about joining the Chamber, but you're not sure?
Reprinted from Business Success News, December 1980

Ten Excuses for Not Being a Chamber Member

  • My business is too small. To expand your business, you must expand the community that does business with you. Local Chambers of Commerce work continuously to better local business climates. No business is too small to benefit from this activity because as the community grows, local businesses grow with it.
  • I’m too busy to attend Chamber meetings. Meetings are important, but so is your financial support. Numerous Chamber committees carry on important local projects and each needs an adequate budget. If you are too busy to attend meetings right now, join so that your contribution will make it possible for the staff and regular committees to get the jobs done.
  • But I’m a doctor, lawyer, or other professional. Since when has a professional person prospered in the Sahara Desert? A city with a poor business climate is not a good place in which to practice your profession. Participation in your local Chamber assures that your local business climate will remain healthy and your client base will grow.
  • I sometimes disagree with what the Chamber does. We hope so! The only way that a Chamber of Commerce could avoid disagreement here and there would be to do nothing. Chambers are organizations that pursue programs and activities as laid out by an elected Board of Directors. The important thing is the primary focus on creating a better climate for doing business. And by being active in your Chamber, you can make your individual voice heard.
  • I’m just a branch office of a national organization. But why is your branch here in the first place? Because the owners thought it was a good place to do business. Therefore, it is your responsibility to help make your city an even better place for business, and this means making yourself a part of the community. The leading community business organization is your local Chamber.
  • I do most of my business outside the city. That may be true. But you also depend on your home base for materials, supplies, transportation, facilities, utilities, manpower, cooperative government and good business attitudes. You are not an island. Therefore, you can’t ignore the responsibility of making your city a better place in which to live and do business.
  • I belong to too many organizations already. The Chamber of Commerce is unique. No matter how many organizations you belong to, each community has only one local Chamber of Commerce and it, more than any other organization, works to protect and improve the local business climate. The Chamber of Commerce is the only organization of its kind consistently engaged in activities to advance and promote the general growth, prosperity and integrity of the local community. As long as there is a margin between what we are and what we may become, there is a need for a well-manned and financed Chamber of Commerce.
  • I used to be a Chamber member, but I didn’t seem to get anything out of it. Oh yes, you did!      For every dollar you put into membership, you received several in return. Each local Chamber of Commerce helps to secure new industries and new businesses and also assists in the development of local enterprises - promoting your business directly or indirectly. You obviously are interested in your community or you wouldn’t be doing business in it. Your local Chamber promotes the business and civic programs that help everyone!
  • The Chamber is run by a clique, and I don’t belong. Chamber members are governed under a set of by-laws under which new directors are elected each year. Each Board of Directors has assumed the responsibility of leadership by a vote of the entire membership, and represents a wide cross section of interests. Any Chamber member may select a nominee for the Board, at any time, by submitting a nominating petition.
  • I can’t afford to belong. On the contrary, you can’t afford not to join and support your local Chamber, because an investment of your time and money in the Chamber of Commerce is an investment in community service and community progress.


Download this file (New Membership Renewal Form.pdf)Membership Form[ ]180 kB