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Pioneer Award Recipients


The Pioneer Award was established in 1986 as the Palmer Chamber's highest form of recognition.  It is presented to those who served the GPCC and the community with distinction.  In some years, two awards have been made, one to an individual and one to an organization.  

Congratulations to Kristy Bernier & Mat-Su Regional Medical Center for being our 2016 Palmer Pioneer Award recipients!

1986 ---------- Bill Tull
1987 ---------- Melinda Kolivosky & Mat-Su Miners
1988 ---------- Kathy and Andy Simasko & MSCVB
1989 ---------- Henry Guinotte & Musk Ox Development Corp
1990 ---------- Dan Pollock
1991 ---------- Chuck and Penny Griffin & Mat-Su Supply
1992 ---------- Wendy Anderson & Palmer Pride Committee
1993 ---------- No award given
1994 ---------- Janet Kincaid
1995-96 ----- Craig Thorn
1997 ---------- Bill Mitchell
1998 ---------- Jeff Johnson
1999 ---------- Cecilia Hidalgo
2000 ---------- Paul Campbell
2001 ---------- Service Oil and Gas
2002 ---------- Kay Slack
2003 ---------- Matanuska Telephone Association
2004 ---------- Mary Combs
2005 ---------- Cindy Bettine
2006 ---------- Helen Munoz
2007 ---------- Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union
2008 ---------- Sara Jansen
2009 ---------- John Douglass
2010 ---------- Marcie Bentti
2011 ---------- Cherie LeBlanc-Shue
2012 ---------- Stacie Stigar
2013 ---------- Denise Statz & First National Bank Alaska
2014 ---------- Denise Christopher
2015 ---------- Pamela Stephen
2016 ---------- Kristy Bernier & Mat-Su Regional Medical Center


Pioneer Award Guidelines




The Pioneer Award was established in 1986 as the Chamber’s highest form of recognition.
The following procedures are to be used as guidelines:
1. A Committee shall be appointed by the President the first week of January made up of prior award recipients.
2. The Executive Director, Board and Committee Members shall solicit nominations from all Chamber Members. Nomination forms will be available on the website and at the Wednesday meetings.
3. The nominations can be an individual or an organization or business. One award in each category may be given, if warranted by the Committee.
4. The nomination forms shall be only submitted to a Committee Member.
5. Nominations will close 3 weeks prior to the annual meeting.
6. The Committee will choose the recipient 2 weeks prior to the meeting. This gives the presenter time to prepare their presentation. The presenter may be the nominator, a Committee Member or other appointee as designated by the Committee. The recipient will be confidential within the committee and presenter till presentation.
7. Committee chair will verify the appropriate plaques, etc have been ordered.
8. Presentation will be at the Palmer Chamber annual meeting.
1. Must be a member of The Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce.
2. Must have served the Palmer Chamber and the Palmer community with distinction.
3. Long-term commitment to the Chamber and the community is a very important consideration.