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Meet the Team

The Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and committed to promoting economic growth in Palmer. Your thoughts, concerns and issues are important and we invite you to attend a Board meeting. The Board meets the third Friday of every month. Please contact the Chamber office for times and locations.


The mission of the Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce is to provide  leadership that fosters growth and prosperity by ensuring the Greater Palmer area is the best place to operate and grow a business, as well as the most desirable place to live, work, play and visit. The Board of Directors and the Chamber staff will continue their efforts and enthusiasm to maximize the return on your investment through the many programs hosted by the Chamber.

The GPCC Board of Directors is comprised of ten Board members, who are elected by the membership of the organization.  The Board of Directors elects the officers of the organization, serving such roles as President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.

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Kelly McKay-Dolfi


Whimsy Gift Shop & Northern Lilly
Term Began: 2024 |Term Ends: 2026


Sherman Leifer

Past President

Palmer Bar
Term Began: 2023 |Term Ends: 2026


Steven Loyer

President Elect

Alopex Interaction Design
Term Began: 2024 |Term Ends: 2027

Chamber picture

Ryan Olayvar


First National Bank Alaska
Term Began: 2023 |Term Ends: 2025

Estey headshot

Julie Estey


Term Began: 2023 |Term Ends: 2026

P.Christopher Photo

Pete Christopher


Mat-Su Miners
Term Began: 2022 |Term Ends: 2025


Dusty Silva


Silva Insurance
Term Began: 2022 |Term Ends: 2025

Photo- Erika Bills

Erika Bills


Northrim Bank
Term Began: 2024 |Term Ends: 2027

Photo- Molly Kincaid

Molly Kincaid


Aethereal Coffee
Term Began: 2024 |Term Ends: 2027

Bill Stoddard

Bill Stoddard


Our Alaskan Dream
Term Began: 2024 |Term Ends: 2027

Erin Velander

Executive Director

2016 gpcc logo black

Membership Services & Events Assistant